Disney Channel Announces ‘The Lion King’ Revival Series ‘The Lion Guard’ | TV News


Over 20 years after the original stole the hearts of many, and still regarded as the best animated film in history by many, Disney’s The Lion King will revisit the characters we all fell in love with. The initial short primetime movie will lead into a full The Lion Guard series set for release in 2016, it’s all for an effort to appeal to a younger audience which are flocking to watching content on tablets using online streaming services.


The series will be based around Kion who is The Lion King’s protagonist Simba’s second born cub, he forms a team called ‘The Lion Guard’ comprised of animals of all kinds to protect and keep peace in the surrounding terrain. This isn’t the first established franchise coming to children’s television with Disney also planning a Duck Tales  and Tangled series, both scheduled for a 2017 release and Cartoon Network reviving Ben 10 as well as new Scooby-Doo and Bugs Bunny features. The Lion Guard is scheduled for a November release.




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