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Disney’s upcoming streaming service, which was already much-anticipated, just got a real shot in the arm.


While the company had been quietly assembling content for the as-yet-untitled on-demand service’s 2019 release, news was scarce as to what Marvel content would be included. With Marvel launching a partnership with Netflix years ago, spawning popular shows such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones, what would that mean for Disney?


Well, per Variety, Marvel plans to launch various standalone limited series on the Disney streaming platform, using popular characters from the MCU. Reportedly, separate shows focusing on Loki and Scarlet Witch are in development, with Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen likely to be reprising their roles.


Getting the original actors on board for those series is a huge coup for Disney. Other shows are also in the works that will feature superheroes who have yet to be given their own standalone movies. The shows will also differ from existing Marvel TV such as Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D, most importantly because the shows will be produced by Marvel Studios, not Marvel TV.


That means Marvel head Kevin Feige will take a hands-on role in their development, which is good news, since a few years ago he reorganised his place in the company and now reports directly to Disney’s Alan Horn.


During this move, Feige was able to dissolve the “creative committee” that he felt dogged the creative process. Films after that move include more ambitious titles such as Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok.


The new shows will reportedly have seasons of six to eight episodes, but both Marvel and Disney are expected to invest heavily in order to compete with rival companies, and have budgets that rival major studio productions.


While heroes like Iron Man and Captain America aren’t expected to appear, Anthony Mackie‘s Falcon and Jeremy Renner‘s Hawkeye are the kinds of characters the studios are looking to focus on.


This is all a master plan from Disney to attempt to compete with, and surpass, Netflix. They’ve also got a Jon Favreau-directed live-action Star Wars series in the works, as well as a TV adaptation of Monsters Inc. Plus they’ve confirmed a Lady And The Tramp remake, and also have Christmas comedy Noelle, starring Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick, ready to go.


Combine all that with this news about Marvel limited series, and the fact that Disney has confirmed that their streaming platform will cost less than Netflix, and it’s clear that a serious streaming war is coming. Disney’s platform doesn’t yet have a confirmed release date, but we know it will arrive sometime in late 2019.



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