Disney May Save $90 Million By Not Hiring Johnny Depp For New ‘Pirates’ Movie | Film News


Considering Johnny Depp has already featured in 5 Pirates of the Caribbean films so far, it is no wonder Disney wants to cut him loose.


The first three films were a true sensation for Disney, and the fourth, though lacking many of the original characters, was a nice addition to the trilogy. However the 5th film, though of course profiting, wasn’t exactly the greatest film they could’ve made.


Perhaps the overuse of Depp is the reason it flopped, and because of this, Disney’s axing of Depp is a brilliant strategical way to make the film completely fresh. What it really needs is an all new cast and an all new plot to truly stem away from the old films.


However some fans will argue that the films ought to be left alone, knowing that the franchise was perfect at the end of film three, and anything after that was just a scheme to make money.


With this in mind, it is hard not to look at this from a business point of view, and considering cutting Depp will save them $90 million, it’s a no brainer for Disney.


According to The Playlist, “For only $10 million more, you can fund the entire production budget of “Venom,” which outgrossed the ‘Dead Men.’ If you add only $20 million, you can make another “Deadpool 2,” which earned over $740 million last year. For 1 Johnny Depp, Universal could have made 9 “Halloween” reboots, Warner Bros. could make almost 3 “A Star is Born” remakes, and Fox could have produced “Bohemian Rhapsody” twice”.



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