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Following in the footsteps of Cinderella and The Jungle Book, Disney are now going to give Peter Pan the live-action makeover. The beloved J.M. Barrie tale has been adapted several times in cinema, most notably in 1953 and 2003, but Deadline have reported that David Lowery is being eyed by the studio as the man to head up the new project.


This is the latest film to receive a live-action adaption by Disney, who also have plans to adapt Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson, Dumbo with Tim BurtonPocahontas and Tinkerbell.


However, adapting the boy who didn’t want to grow up has never been an easy challenge. Although the 1953 version has endured as a Disney classic and Steven Spielberg’s revisionist Hook is fondly remembered, the 2003 version by PJ Hogan was a box office flop and Joe Wright’s 2015 Pan failed to make an impact. We shall have to wait and see if Disney can pull off a live-action adaption of Peter Pan that is agreeable with audiences.



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