Channel 4 Beach Hut Competition Causes Fury From Christchurch Residents | TV News

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Who could think that beach huts could cause so much furore? Apparently to the people of Christchurch, they can. Locals to the area are angry over a TV show’s beach hut competition, fuming that the 12 new huts that anyone can design will ruin unspoilt and fragile cliffs, accusing the local council of being starstruck at the fact of being on TV.


The Channel 4 programme will give the winners £8,000 each by the local council to innovate the beach huts designed by viewers of George Clark’s Amazing Spaces despite the cliffs being designated a site of special scientific interest.


Resident Josephine Pollen commented: “Just to get some publicity for a TV programme that is here today, gone tomorrow, we’re getting our cliff-top ruined,” she said “The council have been absolutely blinded by the fact that we are going to be on telly”.


“They are supposed to be beach huts but they will be halfway up the cliff. We could end up with Barbie-pink or Darth Vader huts, I feel very sad that the wild coastline is going to be destroyed – there is not a lot left and people like this particular area because it’s so natural”, she concluded.



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