DJ Clark Kent Reveals Jay Z Recorded ‘Scathing’ Tupac Diss Record | Music News


DJ Clark Kent has revealed that Jay Z has been sitting on a “scathingTupac diss track that was produced, just before the West Coast rapper was killed in Las Vegas in 1996.


DJ Clark Kent, who contributed tracks towards Jay’s debut album Reasonable Doubt, broke the news of the unreleased diss whilst on the podcast A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal. He explained that “Jay did a record going at Pac but right as it was going to go out, son died. We performed it though. We was at the Apollo. It was… scathing. Crowds was like, oh shit“.


Attesting to the viciousness and potency of Jay’s diss he also added “If he [Tupac] was alive, there would’ve been no coming back. This was so tough. To me, it was probably one of the hardest diss records I’ve ever heard“. There is now speculation whether this rare, unheard diss will ever surface and have its vitriolic content available for examination. But perhaps it’s best that it stays locked away in the vault? Check out the ItsTheReal podcast below.




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