Loyle Carner + Kwes – Florence | New Music


Not many rappers speak more from the heart than bright British hopeful Loyle Carner. He came to everyone’s attention about a year ago when he released “BFG”, a personal, touching tribute to his father, and he continues in that same vein with his new release “Florence”, which acts as the B-side to his newly-released debut single “Tierney Terrace”, named after the place where his grandparents lived, yet another intimate connection to Carner.


He speaks of a fictional sister in “Florence”, a “freckled face fidgeter“, “me, but miniature“, and by the sounds of it, the little one would be smothered with love and care. If you’re an older sibling, you’ll be very much reaching for your phone to speak with your younger version(s) before the song finishes.




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