DJ D Sharp And ST Spittin Share Their New Collaboration ‘Seat At The Table’

DJ D Sharp and ST Spittin have come together to release their new track, “Seat at the Table“, which is a smooth yet rhythmic track that is sure to catch listeners’ attention.

DJ D Sharp, hailing from Oakland, is heavily influenced by his hometown and has made a name for himself worldwide with his DJing talent. He has been able to access prestigious events, exclusive clubs in Las Vegas, and private events for prominent figures such as Barack Obama, thanks to his ability to mix different musical genres.

ST Spittin began his entertainment career as a dancer for the renowned Oakland band, The Animaniakz, before transitioning to become an artist and performer. He is also the host of the successful cannabis-based show “Loaded Up Ent“ and participated in the 2018 hit film Blindspotting.

The music video for “Seat at the Table” was shot and directed by Tony Vic and takes place at Oakland’s Sobre Mesa Cocktail Club. ST Spittin and DJ D Sharp bring their irresistible charm, talent, and flawless dripping to the aesthetics of the video.

ST Spittin’s natural demeanor is on full display when speaking to the camera or the young woman he is hanging out with, while D Sharp lends a similar enthusiasm to the hook.

Additionally, DJ D Sharp’s band MacArthur Maze just released the music video “San Pablo Dam,” continuing the momentum started by the group. Moreover, DJ Sharp also serves as the DJ for Golden States Warrior.

ST Spittin had a successful year in 2022, releasing two solo albums, including “Water“ and “Summer Madness“.

Watch the video for “Seat At The Table” by DJ Sharp and ST Spittin below!


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