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Evian Christ


Evian Christ – real name Joshua Leary – performed at Leeds Festival on August 28 and, on his way to the artists’ car park, was prevented from going any further when staff assumed that he had come in without a ticket. Even though Christ had a pass which confirmed his status as a performer, he was treated as suspicious and sent “to some weird area with a cage”. The “cage” in question being four tall metal fences that are often used as make-shift walls in public spaces. Christ was able to record an 8-second video from inside the cage and upload it to social media.


Melvin Benn, Reading and Leeds Festival organiser, provided NME with his own account on August 30 which justified security’s actions. According to Benn, Christ was “found in a not very good state in the woods, without being able or willing to disclose who he was”. In response, Christ added his own explanation underneath the aforementioned video stating that he had only had a few drinks but that, even if he was intoxicated, what happened was unjust.


was involved in a strange incident at leeds festival this weekend which ended up in me being detained inside a cage, as…

Posted by Evian Christ on Monday, August 31, 2015



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