‘Made In Chelsea: LA’ Episode 4 – Our Group Of Friends All Sleep In Each Other’s Beds | TV Review



The latest episode of Made In Chelsea: LA starts in LA’s luxury with a fancy brunch between the boys, and a sneak peak of JP and Binky on a hike – please marry each other. However, back to the boys. Turns out, Jess stayed the night at Jamie’s and he is convinced that it was all Jess’ idea and that “nothing happened“… something is fishy here. The most awkward part of the exchange, is when Nars says “you’ve been genuine from the beginning” – lol awks. Jamie has been anything but genuine, and the real story all gets unfolded at the end of the episode, with more drama to come in the ‘Next time’ preview.


We return to a lighter note, back to Binky and JP who are outrageously flirting and being just ‘adorbs’. Alas they are making sure everyone knows they are “just friends” but behind closed doors, Binky is falling for him, you can see it smeared all over her puppy dog eyes. Even Noah, the newbie that Jess is dating, calls them out on their obviously flirty behaviour saying that they cannot just be friends. We will watch this space…


Unlike the last few episodes, this one actually had some action from more than one couple, with the hope of JP and Binky contrasted with the hopelessness of Jamie, it makes for quite an interesting dichotomy. Next week’s episode looks even more drama-packed so tune in next week to see how the relationships unfold…



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