Dominican American Rap Artist Tellie Floydd Unveils New Single ‘Go Time’

Music aficionados, brace yourselves for a thrilling auditory experience! Tellie Floydd, a vibrant artist hailing from New York City, and J$PH, a seasoned musician from Arlington, Texas, have come together to release their highly anticipated record, “Go Time”.

This collaborative masterpiece is an outstanding amalgamation of powerful lyrics, captivating beats, and striking vocals, promising listeners an unforgettable musical journey.

“Go Time” is a testament to the impressive talent and determination of both artists, setting a new benchmark in the music industry. If you’re seeking an immersive musical experience that leaves you feeling energized, then “Go Time” is definitely worth your time.

Tellie Floydd, born in 1984 in the Dominican Republic, embarked on his journey to New York City with his mother, settling in Washington Heights during the height of the 90s crack epidemic.

Life in this environment was challenging, but it became the backbone of Floydd’s lyrical narrative. He found solace in the rhythm and rhymes of the hip-hop music popular in his neighborhood, and by the age of 13, he was already crafting his own rhymes and performing at local talent shows and freestyle battles.

His commitment to his passion led him to produce his own tracks, spending countless hours in his bedroom studio, honing his craft. Although life often threw curveballs his way, Floydd drew strength from his experiences, letting them fuel his creativity.

Today, he has a dedicated fanbase and has successfully carved his name in the hip-hop scene. Through his music, he voices the stories of those who can’t, always remembering his roots in Washington Heights.

On the other side of this powerful duo is J$PH, an artist from Arlington, Texas. J$PH’s music breaks the mold with its unique blend of compelling storytelling, skillful lyricism, and raw vulnerability, leaving listeners inspired.

With his broad musical taste, J$PH transcends genre boundaries, resulting in music that’s truly distinctive. His energetic live performances have earned him significant buzz in the music community.

Together, Tellie Floydd and J$PH are a formidable pair, and “Go Time” is proof of their undeniable talent. Immerse yourself in their music and get ready for a riveting sonic experience!

Listen to “Go Time” below!


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