Nashville Artist And Producer Bre Kennedy Unveils New Single ‘Navigating’

Emerging Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and producer, Bre Kennedy, debuted her evocative music video for the track “Navigating” on May 12, 2023.

This poignant single urges listeners to perceive life from a refreshed perspective, emphasizing the importance of savoring joyful moments and seeking out positivity amidst adversities.

The song, born from a profound conversation with her brother, underscores the universally shared experience of navigating life’s complexities.

Its central message, “we’re all navigating/ going in blind”, illuminates the notion that everyone grapples with their own unique challenges, yet must persistently strive to overcome life’s hurdles.

Kennedy’s music video for “Navigating” visually exemplifies this sentiment. A shifting spectrum of background light represents the varying stages of life.

Eventually, Kennedy, initially static, breaks into a dance, clutching a radiant orb symbolizing her newfound freedom from fear. As she embraces the joy of liberation, her expression transforms into a warm smile.

Beginning her career as an independent artist performing in Los Angeles and Nashville, Kennedy’s raw, introspective music resonated with audiences.

Her 2019 debut EP, Jealous Of Birds, marked the beginning of an annual release trend, with the latest EP Scream Over Everything (Side A) featuring the song “Navigating”.

Now under the Nettwerk label, Kennedy anticipates her next project slated for later this year. Her powerful storytelling through music has etched a lasting impact on her growing fan base.

Garnering a devoted following that routinely sells out venues and amasses over 10 million total streams globally, Kennedy’s music has piqued the interest of fellow artists like Michael Conley and Lydia Luce.

Coupled with commendations from esteemed publications like American Songwriter and Billboard, Kennedy also performed alongside luminaries such as Sheryl Crow and Gary Clark in 2022.

Experience the visual and auditory journey of “Navigating” on YouTube below!


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