Donatella Versace Comments On Speculation Over Latest Ad Campaign | Fashion News



Donatella Versace has defended the controversy surrounding her decision to feature Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss – both in their early twenties – as young mothers in the latest campaign for Versace. The designer commented, “My name is Versace, I don’t know how to do things quietly […] We make a noise, shout loud, never hold back on our opinions”.


While some view the adverts to be highly unrealistic, given the age of the models and their supposed children, others have praised the portrayal of a modern, multicultural family. Donatella claimed however that the adverts showcase the complexity of modern women’s lives, “they run their own business, look after their family, travel, share time with friends, all often in the same day”.


Whether an unrealistic portrayal or not, for many it’s reassuring to see diversity and a sense of female empowerment together in an advert for a luxury fashion brand.



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