Doris Club Takes Us On An Emotional Journey With ‘The Sleeper And The Bed’

Under the name Doris Club, the talented LA-via-Singapore artist Linying, releases her latest single “The Sleeper And The Bed”.

On “The Sleeper And The Bed,” Doris Club’s emotive vocals, accompanied by delicate guitar melodies, paint a picture of grief and sorrow. The lyrics, depicting a heart-wrenching exchange with her brother, reflect the artist’s own struggles and emotional depth.

‘The Sleeper and the Bed’ details the heartbreak I felt watching my family disintegrate before my eyes,” shares the artist. “Pulled in multiple directions, neither option a painless one, I found myself wishing desperately that I’d had more time.”

Doris Club’s creative process is deeply personal: it’s a tribute to Linying’s mother, who struggled with trigeminal neuralgia for decades. Whereas her previous EP, “House Mouse”, presented an intuition-driven dream-pop exploration, Doris Club takes a different direction. She embarks on a musical journey influenced by 1960s jazz, pop, and folk, offering an experimental landscape.

Linying’s upbringing, influenced by her mother’s love of music despite her health problems, laid the foundations for her artistic journey. From EDM to electronic folk, the singer explored different genres before realizing the universal power of songwriting, a thread that connects her to her roots and her mother’s legacy.

This poignant track, co-written and co-produced with Rob McCurdy of Noise Club, accompanied the exciting announcement of her debut album, There’s Still Time, slated for release on March 22nd via Nettwerk.

This new album is a poetic reflection of life’s lessons, shaped by Linying’s experiences and her mother’s teachings. Divided into two parts, it offers an uplifting exploration of emotions in its first half, with a more introspective and philosophical tone in the second half.

With Doris Club, Linying invites listeners on a heartfelt and introspective journey, exploring themes of love, uncertainty, and surrender. Through her music, she transmits her inheritance of resilience and emotional depth, creating an immersive experience that resonates long after the last note fades away.

Listen to “The Sleeper And The Bed” below!


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