Jidé Kuti Pens A Love Letter In Song With ‘When You Fall In Love’

The Londoner songwriter, Jidé Kuti offers auditive support for all the hopeless romantics in the world with the release of his new single “When You Fall In Love”.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the singer delivers hope for all the lovers who are still looking for their true love story to the beat of his guitar and soulful voice and harmonies.

In the ever-changing musical landscape, Jidé Kuti provides listeners with a blend of pop and soul that defies expectations. With a gift for weaving relatable lyrics, soulful vocals, and catchy melodies, he has honed his craft over years of musical exploration, resulting in a sound as refreshing as it is captivating.

Drawing on a variety of musical influences, including John Mayer, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran, the songwriter infuses his songs with a unique air of honesty.

But it’s not just music that fuels his creativity; Jidé finds inspiration in the stories of those around him, as well as in the worlds of anime, Disney, and gaming. This mix of influences shines through in his stories, offering fresh perspectives on timeless themes such as love, mental health, and introspection.

Having performed at prestigious venues such as the Roundhouse Rising Festival and Westminster Abbey, the artist is no stranger to the limelight. With over a decade of stage experience, he exudes a confidence that captivates audiences and leaves them wanting more.

Jidé’s talents have not gone unnoticed, winning praise from industry experts such as BBC 6 presenters Jodie Bryant and Huw Stephens, who have called him “a poet with his words” and a “romantic soul”. His music has been broadcast on Voices Radio and Amazing Radio, and featured in Wordplay magazine, confirming his status as an artist to watch.

As the artist prepares to release his debut EP, “The Open Heart”, he invites listeners to embark on a journey of vulnerability.

Reflecting on his creative process, Jidé shares, “After releasing my first 3 singles, which were meant to be part of my debut project, I completely changed gears. I found myself reconsidering what I wanted from this open heart I was pouring from.”

The result is a collection of songs that promise to evoke laughter, tears, and everything in between, offering listeners a piece of his soul to remember.

Set to make listeners heal, cry, and laugh all at once, Jidé Kuti’s music is a testament to the power of honesty, vulnerability, and the human experience.

Listen to “When You Fall In Love” below!


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