Dot. Shares New Jazz Pop Single ‘Girls Night’

Dot, also known as Aditi Saiga, is a talented and versatile singer-songwriter and actress based in the culturally rich city of Bangalore. She has recently released her latest single, an engaging and vibrant track titled “Girls Night.”

In this unique and lively track, Dot beautifully infuses the sounds of jazz-pop and the classic, soulful spirit of Motown. The song “Girls Night” is an artistic narration by Dot, where she shares a captivating and relatable story about two of her closest friends. These friends, whom Dot holds dear, are depicted sharing simple yet meaningful moments together.

They are seen laughing joyously, exploring their individual and shared sensibilities, and occasionally indulging in a bit of mischievous fun. The song dives into their conversations that ponder over the mysteries of love, and at times, find themselves getting lost in the complex web of their emotions. Dot’s aim in crafting this song is to capture and celebrate the essence of these deep friendships that make life feel a bit lighter and more manageable.

The release of this single is through Welsh label, The Playbook. Notably, the creative process for “Girls Night” took place in the Spotify writing room located at the famous Metropolis studio in London. This release follows Dot’s first collaboration with The Playbook, a track titled “Indigo” which was released in early 2023.

“Indigo” achieved significant success, receiving global editorial support from major platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. It also earned a feature in Spotify’s Fresh Finds class at the end of 2023, demonstrating the track’s wide appeal and Dot’s growing presence in the global music scene.

Originally from Delhi, Dot has been reaching audiences from a young age through her engaging YouTube videos. Her journey in the entertainment industry is marked by a successful acting debut with the show The Archives, which is available on Netflix India. She also released her first album, Khamotion, which centers around the animated stillness of urban life, exemplified by trains, taxis, and tuk-tuks.

Looking ahead to the year 2024, it promises to be an exciting and fruitful year for this talented artist. With the new track “Girls Night” marking a fresh and exciting beginning, Dot is poised to captivate her audience further.

Her latest single, “Girls Night,” is now available on various platforms. Be sure to give it a listen below!


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