Lost And Profound Explore Love And Loss On New Single ‘Love’s Hard Landing’

Slow core band Lost and Profound have made a striking comeback with their new single, “Love’s Hard Landing.” This latest release, set to captivate listeners, marks a significant evolution for the band, showcasing their ability to blend various musical styles. The single, which intertwines elements of jazz, dream pop, and slow core, creates a hauntingly beautiful sonic landscape.

The track is characterized by the ethereal vocals of Lisa Boudreau, set against a backdrop of gentle instrumentation. “Love’s Hard Landing” takes listeners on an emotive journey, exploring themes of love, loss, and the fleeting nature of relationships. Its simple yet profound production, combined with poignant lyrics, encourages a deep reflection on the ephemerality of love, all while immersing the audience in a dreamlike soundscape.

Produced by Terry Tompkins, “Love’s Hard Landing” is a testament to Lost and Profound’s dedication to pushing creative boundaries. The band’s expertise in fusing introspective songwriting with complex musical arrangements is evident, resulting in a track that resonates both intellectually and emotionally.

This release is particularly special as it marks the band’s first single in eight years, following their move to New Brunswick, Canada. The relocation, initially seen as an idyllic escape, presented challenges for Lisa Boudreau and Terry Tompkins. Despite these obstacles, the couple has successfully reignited their creative spark, returning to their unique blend of indie-folk and diverse musical influences.

Their story of reconnection and creative resurgence is underlined by their son Jody Tompkins’ involvement, a world-class engineer who mixed and co-produced “Comet,” another of their recent works. The couple’s journey, from securing a major label deal and earning critical acclaim, to navigating personal and professional challenges, is a compelling narrative of artistic perseverance.

Lost and Profound’s return with “Love’s Hard Landing” is a reminder of their enduring talent and ability to craft deeply moving music. The band, now reinvigorated and creatively aligned, is set to continue their journey with more releases planned, promising a new era for their long-standing and new fans alike. This single is not just a return to form; it’s a redefinition of their artistic identity, ready to make waves once again in the music industry.

Listen to “Love’s Hard Landing” below!


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