‘Downsizing’ Has A Captivating And Heart-Warming Story | Film Review

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‘Downsizing’ Has A Captivating And Heart-Warming Story | Film Review


Downsizing is a 2017 Comedy/Drama/Sci-Fi film starring Matt DamonChristoph WaltzHong ChauJason Sudeikis and Kristen Wiig. It is directed by Alexander Payne (most known for directing Election, Sideways and The Descendants).


A synopsis for this film reads: “A social satire in which a man realizes he would have a better life if he were to shrink himself to five inches tall, allowing him to live in wealth and splendor”.


The first thing that I would like to say about this production is that it is unmissable. Downsizing is so much more than you see in the trailer: the story develops nicely, not too slow, nor too fast, but just at the right pace.


Don’t expect to see Kristen Wiig too much in this, though. This is not her story. Mainly, this film is about Matt Damon’s character, who at first regrets his decision to shrink himself, but in the end enjoys the fascinating life as a small person.


This film has a bit of everything: comedy, drama, sci-fi elements and even romance. The chemistry between the main actors is really good, and Christoph Waltz is pretty entertaining as the eccentric Dusan Mirkovic. A nice surprise of this movie is Hong Chau, whose character is very funny and she compliments Paul Safranek played by Damon really well.


What I appreciated about this movie is the fact that it gave me a good feeling when it finished. I was rooting for Paul Safranek from beginning till the end, because his character is really relatable and I was happy with his fate. I absolutely loved the way this film was shot and the beautiful sights it presented. I felt like this is one of those movies that you can watch on numerous occasions without getting bored.


If I were to give a rating for this cinema piece it would be a 7 out of 10. Its story is captivating and heart-warming. Go and watch it, because you will not regret your choice. Downsizing is out in cinemas now ! Watch below the official trailer for this film:




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