London’s First Crisp & Dip Cafe HIPCHIPS Reinvents The Potato Crisps | Inspiration


Yes, potatoes can be different – the crisps that HIPCHIPS offer, are made of at least out of seven types of it. And yes, they can be eaten with savoury AND sweet dips – think something like Nutella or… chocolate salty caramel cheesecake. Sounds intriguing, right?


The head chef, Scott Davis, spent a few years developing the innovative concept and menu, that gives a unique gourmet experience. The crisps are cooked in front of guests and served with a diverse range of fresh dips. Having various types of crisps and dips, the list of combinations feels endless.


Launched just a bit more than a year ago, the cafe is the first one in London with such a concept. Now, this Soho venue is a perfect place to hang out with friends and share all the different crisps and dips, we highly recommend to try it! Find the menu and more here.




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