Dr. Alams And Vee Delight Fans With New Single ‘Be Mine’

UK-based musician Dr. Alams is gearing up to captivate audiences once again with his new single “Be Mine” alongside emerging Nigerian artist Vee, marking another milestone in his career.

Their latest offering “Be Mine” is a scintillating Afrobeats track that embodies the emotions experienced when first engaging with a love interest. Expect a fusion of vibrant rhythms interlaced with infectious melodies, creating a tapestry of sound that is both uplifting and immersive.

In this track, traditional African instruments blend seamlessly with contemporary beats, resulting in a sound that is bound to get you moving.

Dr. Alams, formerly known as Uzoma Kelvin Alaneme. With a background in medicine, released his first music in 2016.Continuing his musical journey, Dr. Alams remains committed to pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons.

Signed to Ala Africa, a platform dedicated to showcasing authentic African talent, he is set to release another chart-topping single, building on the success of his previous projects.

Victor ‘Vee’ Okoye, a Nigerian singer/songwriter and record producer signed to Ala Africa, has been an integral part of Dr. Alams’ musical journey. Their collaboration began in 2019 when Vee produced three tracks for Dr. Alams’ Melody King album.

Since then, Vee has continued to contribute his talents, producing all the songs on Dr. Alams’ 2021 EP Nobody Better and collaborating on the campaign song “Peter Obi” in 2022.

As anticipation builds for their next release, fans can expect nothing less than brilliance from this dynamic duo. Prepare to immerse yourself in the magic of Dr. Alams and Vee’s latest creation, as they once again redefine the boundaries of contemporary afrobeats music.

Listen to “Be Mine” here!


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