Atlanta-Based Artist Rose Hotel Shares New Single ‘Not Like That’

Atlanta-based artist Jordan Reynolds, better known as Rose Hotel, has recently unveiled her latest single, “Not Like That,” as a preview of her upcoming album, A Pawn Surrender, set to be released on June 7th under Strolling Bones Records (Pylon Reenactment Society).

“Not Like That” provides a captivating glimpse into Rose Hotel’s bold musical approach. Born out of the aftermath of a friendship breakup, the song blends elements of psychedelia, folk, and indie-rock.

Jordan Reynolds, a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, explores the nuances of musical creation with a collection of ten songs on her upcoming album that showcase her artistic evolution.

The opening track, “Fall in Love Again and Again,” immerses the listener in a diverse sonic landscape, merging psych-rock, pop, and jazz. Paste Magazine describes this album as “a miraculous fusion of psych-rock, pop, and jazz.” However, Rose Hotel doesn’t simply draw inspiration from the past; she skillfully uses these influences as embellishments to create a new and distinctive sound experience.

“Not Like That” emerges as an introspective testimony of relationships, temptation, benign ignorance, frightening apathy, illusions, and delusions. Reynolds shares her experience of ending a close friendship, expressing a poignant mix of confrontation and empathy. The song captures the emotional complexity of ending a friendship while seeking to understand the other person’s difficulty in facing reality.

When asked about the risk of not fitting into a single musical genre, Jordan Reynolds reveals, “I finally feel like I’m starting to embrace it.” This boldness is reflected in A Pawn Surrender, where she positions herself as an artist with diverse talents. The album unfolds like a chess game, with each song representing a unique piece on the board, symbolizing different facets of her writing, personality, and experience.

Her journey has been marked by formative years spent in DIY scenes in the Southeast, playing with bands like Neighbor Lady, Susto, Faye Webster, and She Returns From War. These experiences have shaped her artistic vision and ability to navigate various musical situations.

A Pawn Surrender, her latest project, brings together a talented group of studio musicians, reflecting her roots in the DIY scenes of the Southeast. The album’s production was entrusted to Damon Moon and Graham Tavel, with mixing and additional production by Drew Vandenberg, bringing a unique sonic richness to the recording.

The release of “A Pawn Surrender” is scheduled for June 7, 2024, under Strolling Bones Records. The album promises a rich musical exploration, highlighting the diversity and depth of the artist. Stay tuned for Rose Hotel’s updates to discover the multiple facets of her creativity and dive into a musical universe where each track is a strategic piece in the game of artistic expression.

Listen to “Not Like That” below!


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