DreamWorks Cut Back To Two Films Per Year Delaying ‘How To Train Your Dragon 3’ | Film News


Drastic changes to DreamWorks Animation‘s line up of up and coming films have left fans feeling slightly uneasy about when they’ll get to see some of the sequel to their favorite movies, with recent plans to cut at least 500 jobs across all locations, as well as scaling back to releasing just two films per year. Last year we heard that How To Train Your Dragon 3 would be pushed back to 2017 but now it seems the popular kids flick will be delayed even further. Here’s the studio line up;


Kung Fu Panda 3 – March 18th 2016
Trolls – November 4th 2016
Boss Baby – January 13th 2017
The Croods 2 – December 22 2017
Larrikins – February 16th 2018
How To Train Your Dragon 3 – June 29th 2018


While fans are feeling disappointed over the delay in How To Train Your Dragon 3, DreamWorks quality over quantity attitude is helping them all keep the faith. How do you feel about the cut backs, are you willing to wait until 2018 for Hiccup and Toothless?



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