Johnny Ramone ‘Red 1965 Mosrite V1’ Guitar Sold At Auction For £47,950 | Music News


Johnny Ramone’s Red 1965 Mosrite V1 guitar has been sold this week in Boston for $71,875 (£47.950). The red 1965 mosrite V1 guitar was one of nine that Johnny owned and was reportedly sold by the band’s former driver Gene Frawely. Boston based auction RR auction, confirmed the details of the sale. They then further added, that Ramone largely used it in the 1980s, but later sold it on the 90s. On the back of the guitar in black marker, Johnny had signed ‘Best always, Johnny Ramone, 5/22/90‘.


RR Auction Executive VP Bobby Livingston stated, “one of just nine Mosrite guitars owned by Johnny Ramone known to exist – it is not surprising that it was able to achieve such an impressive figure“. Johnny Ramone’s former band mate Tommy, passed away in July last year, which made him the last passing member. It was also recently reported that Martin Scorsese could direct a potential film about the boys.




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