Dresden Indie Band Seventh Floor Share New Single ‘Healing’

Seventh Floor, the indie punk group from Dresden, is back with a brand-new sound that promises to transport you to unexplored emotional heights. Their latest single “Healing“, is a powerful ode to self-discovery and personal freedom.

Seventh Floor comprises four talented members: David Tóth, Darlene Barnack, Jonas Krautwurm, and Paulus Krumrein. Together, they have crafted a musical universe that seamlessly blends elements of 2000s pop-punk with a modern indie sound, defining their own unique style. Their dedication to creating honest and authentic music resonates through each of their songs.

Over the past few years, Seventh Floor has experienced a meteoric rise on the German music scene. They have shared the stage with big names such as Leoniden, Jeremias, OK KID, and Montreal. Their debut EP, Previous Lights was followed by the success of Souls thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Through evocative metaphors, “Healing” speaks to breaking down barriers that hold us back, freeing ourselves from the chains of social pressures and personal limits. It’s a call to authenticity, inner truth, and the courage to forge one’s own path, no matter the obstacles.

“Healing” reflects the band’s aspiration to cultivate a space for introspection and creativity, inspired by their retreat in the Czech countryside. ‘Healing’ embodies their collaborative effort to channel shared energy into music, symbolizing their journey of personal and artistic growth.

So, don’t miss out on this new musical gem that will take you on a breathtaking emotional journey. Listen to “Healing” below!


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