Theo Kandel Unveils His Latest Musical Delight ‘Lunch’

Los Angeles based musician Theo Kandel surprises us once again with his latest single, “Lunch“. Accompanied by this exciting release is the announcement of his signing with the Nettwerk Music Group, signaling his continued musical ascent.

With subtle instrumentation blending gentle acoustic guitar and lively banjo, Theo explores the warmth of new romance. Inspired by Frank O’Hara’s “Lunch Poems” collection, Theo draws from the depth of words to bring forth an enchanting melody.

The song celebrates the discovery of a love so profound that it elicits laughter from sheer disbelief at its beauty. “Lunch” is a sensory voyage delving into the depths of burgeoning love.

Theo Kandel’s artistic trajectory is a tumultuous journey through the intricacies of music. From the age of four, he acquainted himself with the violin, laying the foundations for his musical education. His journey then led him to explore a myriad of musical genres, ranging from indie to pop to electronic, all while preserving the folk roots that characterize his current work.

After dazzling critics with his 2021 EP, Spin Cycle, Theo continues to evolve, unveiling his 2022 EP titled What if it all works out in the end?, where standout tracks like “Me & All My Friends Have Got the Blues” garnered almost instant recognition.

His unique style caught the attention, allowing him to share the stage with renowned artists such as Evan Honer, ROSIE, and even the icon John Oates.

In 2024, Theo Kandel takes another step forward in his career with the release of “Lunch” and his partnership with the Nettwerk Music Group. This collaboration promises a promising musical future for this talented artist.

Returning to his hometown for a creative retreat, Theo immerses himself in the recording process at Grand Street Recording, hinting at the possibility of equally captivating new works to come.

With “Lunch”, Theo Kandel continues to dazzle us with his undeniable talent and his ability to capture the very essence of human emotion through his music.

Listen to “Lunch” below!


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