Dubai Singer-Songwriter Jonathan Lobo Returns With New Single ‘Magic’

On April 8, Jonathan Lobo released his new single “Magic”, produced by Aman Sheriff (of Galipolli).

“Magic is the first song I wrote in 2021. It is about someone that brought excitement, purpose and inspiration into my life”, says Jonathan Lobo about the single. The song tells the story of two people, from the excitement of their first meeting to their individual evolution, and how the relationship has changed over time.

Speaking about the inspiration behind this subject, Lobo adds, “The lyric ‘5 more minutes’ was something she would say all the time. Over time, the context in which those words were said changed as did the relationship. However, the impact and magic of those words will always remain”.

The catchy guitar pattern is followed by the rest of the production, with inverted cymbals, claps and alternate snare sounds to keep the beat. There is a breakdown during the bridge that provides a nice contrast to the rest of the song and when it overlaps with the chorus at the end, it creates a great ease and flow.

As a reminder, Jonathan Lobo is a Dubai-based musician who writes music to tell stories about love, life and other subjects that we can easily relate to.

After receiving much praise from bloggers, playlisters and music lovers for his last song “Start Again”, which received worldwide airplay and was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds, he returns with this new single “Magic”.

Listen to “Magic” below:


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