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Dublin-based artist Chris Kabs has just released his brand new song titled “More Than A Number”. The single has different vibes to it. It is a very joyful dancing track with playful instrumentation, where good vibes are transmitted. But when looking closer at the lyrics, it takes a different turn.


This song has quite a political message to give to the people. It is all about the different police violence that have been going on for a while now and also about people of color and as the lyrics goes on: “We’re more than a number, more than a digit. Hands in the air but they’re still shooting us“.


Chris also explained, how this single brings light to a problem, to a matter that will only change and have a positive impact if we talk about it and if we take actions to make the world a better place. How we understand that, is that Chris’s voice and writing is his way to support the cause.


Although the lyrics are realistic and honest, the melody is very jazz-style with some piano touches and Chris’s voice gives the song the perfect tone. He puts his own emotions and feeling on this track, and he talks also about the personal experience on this subject.


The Dublin-based artist has already performed at Hard Working Class Heroes, Longitude Festival, as well as produced for local and international artist including fellow Dublin artist JyellowL.


His love for music and his dedication makes him a great artist to follow and listen to. Chris Kabs already has a few singles and many collaborations to be released this year. While we wait for all of that, the music video for this single should come out this week, on March 31, so look out for new visuals from the Irish artist!


Listen to the single here:




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