Duplass Brothers To Release Book Of Essays On Film In 2017 | Film News



Sibling filmmakers Jay and Mark Duplass are set to release a collection of essays about their collaborative experiences. The duo, best known for their low-key, emotionally simmering brand of mumble-core – including films such as The Puffy Chair, Jeff Who Lives at Home, and Cyrus – have signed a deal with Ballantine Books to release the collection in 2017.


The brothers have worked together creatively since they were children, and the new book will cover the complexities of bringing an artistic vision into reality with a person that you love. Both Duplasses have worked on many projects that use sibling rivalry and love as a prominent theme – Mark starred in Lynn Shelton‘s Your Sister’s Sister, a film that saw his character deal with the loss of a brother, whilst Jay is currently involved with HBO’s Transparent, in which he plays one of a trio of siblings struggling with adult life.


Jay and Mark Duplass signed a four film deal with the streaming service Netflix earlier this year. Their TV series, Togetherness, begins its second season on HBO in February, 2016.



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