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Dutch band DI-RECT has unveiled their brand new alternative single “COLOR”. Matching the song name, the eclectic release comes with colourful visuals and is about putting our differences away.


DI-RECT consists of Marcel Veenendaal (vocals), Frans ‘Spike’ van Zoest (vocals/guitars), Bas van Wageningen (bass), Jamie Westland (drums) and Paul Jan Bakker (guitars). Together they’re combining elements of rock, indie, pop and soul effortlessly and frame it into their own understanding of art.


The band exists for over a decade and is forged by friendship and trust. With their music they already gained international attention and won several prizes. With their music they’re going unexpected ways and experiment by following the slogan “why not?”.


Last February they released their previous song “SOLDIER ON” and now following up on the success. “COLOR” is the second single of the yet to come new album which will be released in October.


The song calls for embracing our true potential by getting over differences. “We can go on and grow apart and all is finished. Or maybe we can try and find the common ground from where we started” lead singer Marcel Veenendaal sings in the chorus. Listen to the song and watch the visuals where the band perform in front of a colour changing stage.


Check it out below:




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