Dutch Artist Celine Cairo Unveils New Single ‘Truce’

After a hiatus exceeding a year, acclaimed Dutch artist Céline Cairo marks her return with the heartfelt single “Truce”. This acoustic ballad, which resonates with themes of finding inner tranquility amidst turbulence, serves as an enticing glimpse into her forthcoming EP, slated for release in Fall 2023.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Celine and her team collaborated with a distinguished Dutch string arranger for this track. To keep the production intimate and capture the deeply personal essence of the song, they individually recorded each instrumentalist at various studios across the country. This approach fostered a warm, organic sound, perfectly complementing Celine’s unique vocal styling.

Anticipation builds for the high-quality music video, lensed by renowned cinematographer Roy van Egmond and directed by Dutch visionary Louka Hoogendijk, set to debut on May 25th.

Celine Cairo’s enchanting voice and atmospheric sound create an immediate allure. A deeper exploration reveals her stunning lyrical imagery, deftly addressing the duality of darkness and light, environmental concerns, gender issues, and her personal mental health journey.

Making her impressive debut in 2013 with the Follow EP, produced by Fink of Ninja Tune, Celine emerged as a promising singer-songwriter. In 2016, she ventured to Los Angeles to collaborate with Grammy-nominated producer Bill Lefler for her eponymous debut album.

The critical acclaim and international recognition garnered from this album, coupled with over 15 million streams and national radio airplay in the Netherlands, solidified her place in the music industry.

In pursuit of her musical evolution, Celine spent two years writing, traveling, and reconnecting with nature before embarking on the production of her sophomore album, Overflow, in London.

Created in collaboration with producers Tim Bran, her established band, and German producer Benjamin Rheinländer, “Overflow” candidly explores her quest for inner peace, mental health issues, love, and grief.

Continuing her independent journey, Celine has partnered with LAB Records Amsterdam to distribute her music under her personal label, Ivy Records.

Enjoy Céline Cairo’s new single “Truce” below:


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