Nashville Pop Artist Valories Returns With New Track ‘The One’

Valories‘ latest single, “The One,” delves into the intricate emotions of longing for love with a powerful blend of soulful piano chords and evocative vocals.

The Nashville-based pop artist is known for her ability to create a unique atmosphere that explores vulnerability and self-awareness, as well as the mental obstacles that can prevent one from finding fulfillment.

Drawing inspiration from songwriting greats like Sheryl Crow and Fleetwood Mac, as well as contemporary pop stars like Caroline Polachek and Charli XCX, Valories has developed a distinctive sound that combines atmospheric synth pop with a touch of indie flair.

Since her debut in the summer of 2022, Valories has made significant strides in the indie scene, building her fan base and community with each new release.

Valories’ local support includes airplay on Lightning 100, Nashville’s Independent Radio Station, and features from independent curators like ‘No Country for New Nashville.’

In October 2022, she had the opportunity to open for pop sensation NIKI at Eastside Bowl in Nashville. Valories is set to release her debut EP this summer, with “The One” serving as the lead single, dropping on May 19th.

With her unique soundscapes and relatable lyrics, Valories is poised to make a lasting impact on the music scene. As she continues to push the boundaries of pop music and explore new sonic territories, Valories is an artist to watch, carving her own path in the ever-evolving world of music.

Listen to “The One” below!


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