Dutch Indie Artpop Artist LIJO Unviels New Track ‘Dog Eyes’

Emerging indie artpop artist LIJO is back with her brand new single titled “Dog Eyes“, on the back of her latest single titled “Future Memory”. The second official single from the Dutch native following her last EP is a catchy honest track about the fear of being vulnerable that reveals a very human side to LIJO.

“Dog Eyes” wants the listener to ask if it is really better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, but at the same time, the song comes with catchiness and danceability, and shows how LIJO is able to capture pure human feelings in a quirky, yet poppy song.

LIJO explains that “Dog Eyes” addresses “the inner shows we perform for ourselves; the little lies we comfort ourselves with, while deep down we know better“. She goes onto add, “Dog Eyes is about fear, opening up, love, lying to yourself, loneliness; everything human. But it’s also about cigarettes, friendships, birth control and getting older. Spoiler: it’s not about dogs“.

She comes with a fascination for the endless weirdness of human behaviour on both a small and a big scale that she says will continue to be mirrored in her upcoming music releases. She doesn’t want to be known for making superficial music, but rather for creating songs that get people thinking as well as dancing and singing along.

Listen to “Dog Eyes” below:


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