Austrian Dream Pop Artist Liz Metta Returns With ‘Fragile & Strong’

Introducing Austrian singer and songwriter Maria Thornton also known as Liz Metta. Today, we share her brand new single titled “Fragile & Strong“, taken from her upcoming EP that she has been working on with producer and SOHN drummer Florian Tiefenbacher for URSUS Records.

The song sees Liz Metta playfully expressing apparent opposites as the title suggest. The lyrics of the song as well as Metta alternating between gentle passages and suspenseful emotions reflect these opposite sides, with the track calling for the listener to interpret the song how they see fit.

Sonically, she blends stylistic elements of alternative rock, dream pop, indie soul and modern psychedelia to create a world of sound in which listeners can immerse themselves in a self-forgotten way with “Fragile & Strong”.

As with much of her music and songwriting, “Fragile & Strong” comes with Liz Metta’s intuitive approach to her creative process. The Vienna-based artist is always on the lookout for creative forms of expression, and despite a degree in landscape architecture, Liz has found utmost expression in the sphere of making music. As she puts it, “music is both the result and an essential part of the process of finding one’s own identity“.

Liz Metta has been performing since 2019, with scene-stealing sets at the likes of Bluebird Festival and Kultursommer Vienna. She wants to invite the listener to daydream and be immersed in her sonic spheres, lively melodies, warm expressive voice and catchy hooks that will awaken your imagination.

Listen to “Fragile & Strong” below:


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