Dylan O’Brien Could Star In Sony’s ‘Harbinger’ As Pete Stancheck | Film News


Sony’s upcoming adaptation of the Harbinger comics could see Teen Wolf stat Dylan O’Brien cast as main character Pete Stancheck, who, in the comics, grew up as a regular teenager who suddenly began to manifest harbinger powers by himself.


As well as O’Brien, Noah Centineo and Beanie Feldstein are in talks to play Joe Irons and Faith Herbert. Noah Centineo is best known for his role in successful RomCom To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, while Feldstein featured in Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising.


O’Brien also starred in the recent Transformers film, voicing Bumblebee’s character, and his past projects include The Maze Runner franchise and The First Time.



Vin Diesel is also up to playing villain Bloodshot, and, according to Screenrant, “With Vin Diesel on board as Bloodshot and Dylan O’Brien eyed for the lead in Harbinger, both with a quite unique fan base, they could make for a perfect pairing in Harbinger Wars”.


“Granted, a lot still has to happen before that team-up project can come together, including both the Bloodshot and Harbinger movies performing well enough at the box office to warrant Harbinger Wars happening. But if Sony can pull it off, they may have a successful new comic book movie universe on their hands”.



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