Eagle Attacks ‘Ideologically Driven’ Tory Government Trying To Bully BBC | TV News



Labour has launched a savage attack on the Government, accusing it of bullying the BBC and remake the political landscape for their own advantage by threatening the BBC over funding and channel 4 with privatisation. Shadow Culture Secretary Maria Eagle accused the Government:


“They are engaged in an attempt, using the process of charter renewal, to make the BBC compliant as they carry out their plans to dominate the political landscape by using the power of the state to weaken any opposition they perceive to their planned political domination.”


She went on to say that the Corporations independence had been compromised through its acceptance of shouldering the cost of free TV licenses for the over-75s:


“I believe that the BBC was wrong to agree to this – it compromises its independence, undermines its finances and makes the BBC look like an arm’s length body of the DWP, Charter renewal is about making the BBC fit for the future not forcing it to do the will of the prime minister or chancellor of the day,”



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