Easter Island Is Getting Too Crowded And Chile Imposes New Rules | Culture


UNESCO World Heritage Site Easter Island is in danger. You might know it as a lost paradise somewhere in the Ocean, but on the contrary, the number of tourists that visit is increasing. Too much in fact.


What attracts the attention of people to reach a 163.6 km2 of land between the Chilean coast and nothing else, and that makes it one of the world’s most isolated inhabited islands on the planet, is probably the cultural unique heritage you can find there.


The Moai are the famous stone statues formed in the 12th century by the Rapa Nui people, that makes this impossible spot on Earth a dream site that could easily be in your Top 100 places to visit before you die.


There are approximately 900 of the human figures with distinctive features, standing up to 10 meters on Easter Island’s coasts. For such a long time they were the only ones to stay there but according to the last census in 2017, there were reportedly 7,750 people living on Easter Island.


This really problematic as it has a negative impact on the island micro-environment and preservation. So much so that the recent decision by island’s mayor Petro Edmunds is welcomed by many. This lost paradise has been ruled by Chile since 1888 and was run as a sheep farm by a Scottish company until 1953.


From Wednesday, new legal dispositions will be put in place and visitors will be allowed to stay on the island from 90 to now only 30 days. So, keep this in mind this before planning your next adventure! And if you won’t make it, you can always find one of the famous statues at The British Museum. Better than nothing.



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