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Have you tried the taste of dog? Or do you have a lovely royal dog as a family member? Can you image there is a extremely huge black market that sells dog meat all between human being for long till this moment? Or did you have a missing dog? Where do you think they are? Genlin, a Chinese film director discovered the cruel selling trade in backstreet around Pacific-Asia, China, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.


In early era, when Asia was in agriculture society, there had a great number of families grew animals up for selling and eating. Nowadays, we are in modern post-industrial stage, this kind of behaviour has already considered as a backward violence. Eating Happiness is a documentary which brings lots conflict topics to make audiences rethinking our consuming behaviour.


If people cannot eat dog, the specific animal, why do human all around the world eat chicken, pork and beef? Most of people would agree that we have intimate relationship with dog, but there is a section in the film, “I always kill and cook my dog as a treat if my friend visit me“, said from a Thailand man. If there does not have a policy or law to protect dogs, why is it unacceptable if those people eats dog but other animals?


Let’s take a lesson from this humanity film, it is showing at Cinema Museum this month. Watch the trailer below:




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