Ed Sheeran To Feature In First Episode Of MTV Series ‘Nine Days And Nights’ | TV Trailer

Ed Sheeran to feature in first episode of MTV show ‘Nine Days and Nights’


Grammy Award-nominated singer Ed Sheeran is set to feature in the first episode of the MTV docuseries Nine Days and Nights. In a clip released in the show trailer, Pharrell Williams is shown praising Sheeran’s song writing skills in particular on their recent collaboration “Sing”. The docuseries shows the process of the duo working in the studio, to the song’s release on radio. The British Pop star takes the cameras to his hometown and talks about an incident with artist Damien Rice which shaped the way he interacts with fans. Sheeran also reveals that he has five more years left of touring and then wants to start a family. Nine Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran will broadcast on Tuesday June 10 on MTV at 11pm EST.




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