Eddie Murphy To Star In Bruce Beresford Drama ‘Cook’ | Film News


Not only does Eddie Murphy have an array of sequels on his plate right now including, Beverly Hills Cop Four and a Twins sequel, Triplets, but he’s also taken on a new role in Bruce Beresford’s drama,Cook. Murphy will be taking on a more serious role in this new drama. Samuel L Jackson was previously attached to the role but has since left, leaving a space for Murphy to take on a more creditable role, like his stint in Dream Girls, which earned him an Oscar Award nomination.


According to Empire, Murphy will play a man hired by a father, who is dying, to cook meals for his girlfriend and daughter after he dies. Susan McMartin, writer of Two and a Half Men, has written the script based on her own childhood experiences. Shooting is expected to start next month and we’re hoping Murphy will pull off a really sincere and dramatic performance, considering his last major hit was… when?



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