‘My Little Pony’ Movie Confirmed By Hasbro | Film News


Bronies and small children across the globe are going nuts over Hasbro’s confirmation of a My Little Pony movie, set to arrive in 2017. This will be the first time these candy-coloured characters will make a big screen appearance, after a number of T.V series and toys since 1983. This is going to be the first movie release for Hasbro’s new label, Allspark Pictures, and will apparently be written by Ice Age 4’s, Joe Ballarini.


No news on the plot as of yet but I’d bet good money on it being something to do with friendship, rainbows or pony magic. The My Little Pony fandom grew to an unexpected size back in 2010 when the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series gained a serious followership, made up of mainly adult male fans. The documentary Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Fandom told the Bronies story and the fandom has since gained a fairly negative reputation.



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