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Following the successful reception of “SubZero“, the second single off of his latest EP Go Time, premiered by ThePitLDN with numerous interviews secured at local radio stations, South-East London rapper and producer Eight9FLY has just released his new single “Best Life


Eight9FLY is product of his surroundings as far as artistry goes, citing anything from classic R&B and Hip Hop to Grime and this new track is a reflection of this. From the catchy vocals on the hook (which will soon become your own personal anthem) to the trap-like percussion, “Best Life” is Eight9FLY’s telling autobiographical on where he has come from and where he’s trying to get to.


Speaking on “Best Life”, Eight9FLY said:


“Where I’m from, being born with a silver spoon was a rarity. I grew up in New Cross, which was labelled as ‘ghetto’ at the time and living in South East London exposes you to a certain way of life that involves violence and crime but despite that it was a valuable time where great moments and stories were created through music… and that’s what the song is about, living your best life regardless of your situation or environment.”




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