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Following the critical acclaim for her recent release “Make Love”, British-born alt-pop artist Eleanor K. (or Ellie Fletcher to those who know her) releases a brand new gem, the brilliant “I Can Only See Me”.


Having pursued a darker, harder electronic sound under her initial guise of Kyiki back in 2016, living in sunny Los Angeles has given Eleanor K a lighter, anthemic and layered sound…and a new name. The emerging solo star, and former vocalist of the Crystal Fighters, now drops her latest song – and it’s inventive and wonderfully unorthodox.


Nonchalant beats and dark synths and a powerful demeanour throughout the song evoke a vibe of finger clicks and ‘in agreement’ head nods like an unconscious stamp of approval. It’s a clean, unmistakable sound that continues to underline Eleanor’s natural charisma and gift for lyricism as well as a hook.


Speaking on the track, Ellie states: “It’s a conversation between two people, but one of those people, no matter how hard they look into the other’s eyes, are only seeing the reflection of themselves. We’re all the heroes of our own story and given today’s culture and society, it’s only accelerating.”




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