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Canadian artist Elijah Blond has released a new song titled “Silk”. This is the artist’s final standalone single of the year, putting together Neo Soul, Hip-Hop, and R&B vibes.


21-year-old Elijah was born in Vancouver but raised on Vancouver Island. Music has always been at the centre of his life, thanks to his parents, who are both musicians and allowed him to take an affinity to songwriting at a young age.


After first caughting the attention of listeners with his successful debut track “Crème” in 2017, Elijah moved to Vancouver (B.C.) one year later to pursue a music career. In the city, the artist released “Whispers”, clearing over 100k streams in less than 6 months and, finally, “Silk”, which came out alongside with a new music video.


“Silk” is linked to the artist’s conception of love, which, like silk, can be expensive and dangerous. In the video, the singer appears with a girl in the middle of a natural landscape, on the shore of a lake. While Elijah sings about his experiences with forbidden love, colours get darker, as sunset approaches. The song is characterized by smooth and measured melodies, with powerful bass sounds and guitar arpeggios accompaining the singer’s voice.


We look forward to listen to him in live concerts, in the meantime, enjoy the new song “Silk” below:




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