Elisabeth Moss, Michelle MacLaren And Daina Reid To Direct ‘Shining Girls’ TV Adaptation | TV News


Elisabeth Moss, Michelle MacLaren and Daina Reid has been set as directors for the upcoming Apple TV thriller series Shining Girls. The plot of the upcoming show is based on the bestselling book of the same name by Lauren Beukes.


Shining Girls depicts the story of a reporter and journalist from Chicago named Kirby who survived a brutal assault and she wants she to find out and track her attacker, but her life will totally change in this process. The cast will be led by fellow director Moss, along with Jaime Bell and Wagner Moura as journalist Dan and loner Harper.


This new series will count a large team of producers including Elisabeth Moss for Love & Squalor Pictures, alongside Lindsey McManus. Leonardo DiCaprio will be the executive producer for Appian Way with Jennifer Davisson and Michael Hampton and finally Beukes and Alan Page Arriaga will also serve as executive producers for the show.


Michelle MacLaren is set to direct the first two episodes of the first season, with Moss directing another couple and Reid will serve for four other episodes.


This series promises to be a real success because the three women are not newcomers. They have each won an Emmy Award, with MacLaren winning for Breaking Bad, and Moss and Reid for The Handmaid’s Tail.


We are looking forward to discovering the show but we have to be patient for a little longer as the release date has not been announced yet.



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