Elizabeth Anne Debuts Interesting ‘Purse n’ Boots’ Shoe Collection | Fashion News


28 year-old Canadian designer Elizabeth Anne has just released a brand new product named ‘Purse n’ Boots’ for her ‘Elizabeth Anne Shoes’ brand. Intended to allow women to ditch the purse or bag they usually take out with them and carry everything they need inside their shoes, the boot design has secret pockets in the inside lining that are designed to hold precious items such as phones, cash and bank cards in a comfortable and discrete way.


‘Purse n’ Boots’ (a play on words from ‘Puss n’ Boots’) are perfect for use on nights out, shopping and travelling where it can be easy to loose or forget a bag somewhere losing hard-to-replace items. Check out Elizabeth’s Facebook page here or her website here to find out more about the design and pricing. Some pictures of the boots can be seen below.




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