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Rising Swedish pop artist Ellen Krauss has recently unveiled a new song titled “The Wedding” from her debut EP First Take, both released on November 22. The EP features other four songs and represents an important step in Ellen’s career: “First Take, my debut EP is a big step for me. To be releasing songs to the public that I’ve written in my bedroom just as a way of getting my thoughts and emotions out of my system!” Ellen has recently stated.


Recently, her debut single and LGBTQ acceptance anthem, “The One I Love” has racked up over four million total global streams, attracting praises from music icons Carly Rae Jepsen, Max Martin, and Laleh.


Ellen’s EP and music are inspired by her personal experiences: “In a way, this is like my diary from the past two years and I’m proud of this chapter I’ve put together. There’s love, there’s conflict and there’s pride!” Ellen has said.


In particular, “The Wedding” is a real declaration of love, as the singer croons in the catchy chorus: “With this ring on my finger I’ll show the world you’re mine / Cards on the table, we’ve got nothing to hide / Listen to me, baby, I’ll say this once / You make me better, look who I’ve become”. This romantic song is characterized by acoustic guitar licks and the artist’s sweet vocals, which strongly stand out.


While waiting for more music, touring updates, and additional exciting news to be announced, listen to “The Wedding” below:




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