Elton John Joins James Corden For Spectacular ‘Carpool Karaoke’ | TV News



You probably all have seen various Carpool Karaoke episodes as part of The Late Late Show, where James Corden invites our favourite musicians to sing along to their hits. Even though the ones with Adele and Chris Martin were amazing, Elton John is clearly the karaoke revelation!


It’s not only that the famous singer is known for the most beautiful and inspiring ballads in the world, which we got to listen to all over again, but what’s more interesting is that he went the extra mile wearing ridiculous wigs and flamboyant outfits, to show how fun he can be.


Obviously, James Corden’s unique sense of humour was once again a delightful addition to it all. Watch the clip below and you may sing along to some of Elton John’s greatest hits like “Your Song” and “Circle of Life” as I did!




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