Emerging Faroese Songstress Jazzygold Unveils New Single ‘Dyed My Hair Red’

Rising Faroese R&B/soul sensation, Jazzygold, has launched the music video for her latest single, “Dyed My Hair Red“. The new tracks comes on the heels of two successful exhibitions at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton the previous week.

The visually engaging video was filmed in a hair salon in Copenhagen, under the skilled direction of acclaimed photographer, Analogram. Jazzygold, who was born Jasmin Mote, hails from the Faroe Islands, with roots in Kenya. This multi-cultural background is reflected in her music, as well as her candid approach to sharing her personal experiences.

Growing up in a predominantly white country, I’ve always been very self-conscious about my skin colour and my big curly hair,” she shares. As a child, she yearned for straight hair to the point of destruction, but with time, she has grown to appreciate her natural hair’s beauty

Through her music video, she seeks to encapsulate the salon’s ambiance and the culture surrounding curly hair – from the use of various hair products to the donning of wigs.

The single, “Dyed My Hair Red,” serves as an emotional roadmap through the stages of heartbreak. It captures the transition from initial sadness to the subsequent anger.

As Jazzygold eloquently puts it, “We all feel like dying our hair red at some mental break point in our lives.” It encapsulates the sweet yet fleeting sensation of a new beginning amidst emotional turmoil.

Jazzygold uses her unique blend of RnB and soul-pop to narrate life in her twenties – from excessive partying and heartbreaks to the desire for fresh starts. Her honesty and raw emotion shine through her voice, lyrics, and music.

She is also an advocate for representation in the music industry. As a woman of color, Jazzygold felt a lack of representation while growing up and this served as one of her inspirations to embark on this project.

She hopes to become a relatable figure for the younger generation in her country and globally, showing them that they can succeed regardless of their small-town beginnings.

Before Jazzygold, Jasmin was part of the band “JASMIN” from 2017 to 2022. The group performed in various countries and festivals, including Uhørt Festival (2021), Sørveiv Festival (2019), and G festival (2018 and 2019).

After winning three Faroese Music Awards, releasing two EPs, and performing extensively, Jasmin decided to take a break to explore her musical creativity. She journeyed to Stockholm and London to write music and further explore her sound, culminating in the birth of Jazzygold.

With her newly formed identity, Jazzygold is set to release more tracks, sure to be as honest, raw, and captivating as “Dyed My Hair Red.”

Listen to “Dyed My Hair Red” and watch the music video below!


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