Emerging Miami Pop Artist Kristen Knight Unveils New Single ‘B2U’

On April 28, emerging singer-songwriter Kristen Knight graced the music scene with her latest single “B2U”. This charismatic artist, born and raised in Miami, blends pop and dance elements with an unmistakable 90s vibe in this catchy breakup anthem.

Knight’s new single “B2U” encapsulates the anguish of being caught in the cycle of toxic relationships. Its appeal lies in its melodic synths, upbeat drum rhythm, and the clean, commanding vocal prowess of Kristen herself. The compelling lyrics convey the heartache synonymous with breakups, most noticeably in the line “I can’t see myself running back to you”.

Kristen’s journey in the music world has been quite the adventure. As a child, she was constantly immersed in music, a factor that massively inspired her career path.

Her early performing days were spent sharing the stage with music heavyweights like Swedish House Mafia, Sean Paul, and P.Diddy as a showgirl. The first chapters of her career were dominated by her love for electronic music, and she made a name for herself performing as a tech house DJ globally.

Adding a visual narrative to “B2U”, Kristen has released a music video that seamlessly aligns with the song’s emotions. Shot in Miami, the video takes inspiration from Quentin Tarantino’s action films, capturing the raw and intense feelings of Kristen towards her past lovers.

This revenge-themed visual representation encapsulates Kristen’s passionate emotions perfectly. The opening scene, in particular, showcases the detrimental impact of a toxic relationship, followed by Kristen’s struggle to conceal these feelings while maintaining a strong facade.

Knight’s music has always been a candid reflection of her experiences and emotions. Her latest single ‘B2U’ is no exception. It stands as a testament to her talent and authenticity, bringing together relatable lyrics, a foot-tapping rhythm, and her distinct vocal style.

“B2U” and its official music video are now available on YouTube. Be sure to tune in and experience Kristen Knight’s captivating new single below!


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