Malawian DJ And Producer Chmba Shares New Track ‘Okongola’ With NiGEL

Emerging Malawian talent Chbma has teamed up with dynamic vocalist nIGEL to unveil her new track titled “Okongola”, from her upcoming EP Okongola Caucus.

“Okongola” seduces listeners with its timeless, hypnotic synth arpeggios that carry you on an electric journey, while its rhythmic foundation rooted in Afro-energy and bass drums radiates a tantalizing amapiano resonance. The EP is a stylish embodiment of romantic allure.

NiGEL’s evocative vocals transport you across various dimensions, making a regular evening feel like a night out in Malawi or even an adventure in space, where Malawi could possibly be reimagined.

Exhibiting a masterful blend of two genres, Chmba crafts a unique fusion of Afro-electronic and future indie energy that instantaneously triggers feelings of joy and nostalgia, compelling listeners towards the dance floor.

Chmba’s raw talent and unyielding spirit have caught the attention of pop icon Madonna, who has invited her to perform at exclusive A-list celebrity events, including the illustrious Oscars’ The Party in Beverly Hills, California.

Chmba has been harmoniously blending the funkiest African sounds, futuristic beats, and house grooves from the tender age of seven. Drawing inspiration from her Pan-African roots and a profound sense of sonic motherhood, she concocts irresistible Afro-electronic, indie, and house alternative sounds.

Her music is laced with time-traveling synths, fiery strings, and African percussive rhythms. But Chmba is more than a gifted artist; she is also a philanthropist. As the founder of Tiwale, a community centre in Malawi, she provides opportunities for art and education while advocating for women and gender minorities.

Chmba’s inspiring initiatives have been recognized by esteemed organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Global Citizen, and Forbes Africa ’30 Under 30′ list, where she is celebrated as a Youth Advocate.

Immerse yourself in the euphoric experience of “Okongola” by Chmba and NiGel below!


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